VDM to develop the business case for BPM solutions

BPM specialists often design executable business process solutions. These are typically developed, executed and monitored in a BPM application platform, providing productivity through low-coding and out-of-the-box services. BPM solutions seldom meet expectations. Automation focusses on status quo, organized by functional silos and lacking coordination in supply chain or value network (sub-optimal local solution). Automation is driven by local needs or hypes and funded by local budgets. Priorities are not driven by value contribution (or lack thereof). Democratization of software development worsens the situation, leading to proliferation of applications and uncontrolled waste. A mindshift is needed towards focus on value delivery. Solution priorities should be driven by value delivery needs: start with analysis of required value versus value contribution. Start from ends, not means. Process execution and API development are just the capstone of value-driven business transformation! Use value delivery management (VDM) to develop the business case for BPM. VDM-driven BPM to break down silos and focus on value throughout the chain. A fundamental approach for VDM is presented, starting with definition of “value” and VDM. Business model cube (BMC) will be proposed as a unit of VDM. BMC is a canonical form of business model, fit for multi-business model (= multi-perspective) ecosystem orientation. Business reality is about intra- and inter-enterprise ecosystems of interacting Business Models. The Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) enables a structured approach for VDM, making BMC concepts concrete, and supporting relationships intra- and inter BMC. Continuous business model planning (CBMP) will be presented as a closed-loop, actionable and repeatable method for VDM. VDM can be applied to BPM at three distinct levels: Multiple-BM ecosystems, single BMs (cross-silo) and within one silo or function (“capability”). With coordination between levels. The business case for system integration and process automation is required at all levels. The VDM approach will be demonstrated based on application to case studies across industries, using the Value Management Platform (VMP) of VDMbee. For those who are interested, the presentation is closed with tips for getting started.

Speaker: Henk de Man

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